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Hi! I'm Gemma...

..a dance photographer based in Southampton, Hampshire. I specialise in location dance photoshoots, headshots and dance show photography. After training at Laine Theatre Arts I had a successful career as a professional dancer and dance captain, in which I was lucky enough to travel the world. During this time I was also studying photography and combined my two passions - dance and photography. With this background, you can trust me to capture the moments that take years perfecting.

When I'm not attached to my camera or dancing.. I

I teach dance to 6 - 18 year olds part time .... you also might find me walking in the countryside or by the sea. I love the outdoors, I spent my early career dancing on cruise ships where I got the chance to explore countries, meet amazing people from all different backgrounds and adore the view out to the ocean at sunset. Beautiful outdoor locations and wonderful dancers inspire me to create photos that are more than just a snapshot.

Photo by AJ Roze Photography

Life is all about being in the moment, amazing experiences and holding on to those memories..

I love the creative process of coming up with movements and poses that are tailored to each individual.

Every shoot is a fun, exciting and unique experience and I am confident that I can help dancers look their best in front of a camera. Photographs have the power to show dancers how far they’ve come in their dance journey. I love looking back at all my photos of dance memories and I wish I had more!

I am so passionate about showing dancers how amazing they are by capturing images that they can look at, be proud of and treasure now and in the future. A photoshoot is an amazing experience, a real confidence boost!

Take a look at some

'behind the scenes' moments from photoshoots below..

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